A short fictional story about Spring

It was beautiful day in Spring. A brother and a sister and a brother were playing in the April Showers. They were splashing in the puddles that were slowly growing due to the heavy rain. Rains were the normal around April and May, and enjoying the warm breezes, the cold rain, the beautiful flowers, and the greenest, richest of grasses.


RPC Homeschool Week 3

For Week 3 in RPC Homeschool, I continued do the regular, English, History, Math, and Science. Here’s what I did over the week.


I finished doing the grammar section of my class, and went back on to the Literature side. I started Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates.


I finished the first World Tour for my class and started back to events from the Bible and such.


We reviewed basics about multiplication, multiplication word problems, etc.


We studied about volcanoes, and super volcanoes.

Hey everyone! Thanks for reading this review for last week’s homeschool! Sorry I didn’t do it earlier ¯\_ツ_/¯ I’ll be posting another review tomorrow (tomorrow is my review day, thanks to me doing Saturdays), so yeah! Have a nice day today!




RPC History Week 2 Review

For my second week in History I…

Finished the first part of the first World Tour in my class. Then, for the review I was requested to write about my favorite part on the World Tour. Here’s what I wrote:

My favorite part of this week’s World Tour was studying Mesopotamia. I liked studying Mesopotamia because not only do I think their culture was interesting, but but I also think their diet was somewhat healthy (I say this because they drank beer) . Mesopotamians also invented clocks, calendars, the Base-60 (60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour), and wheels. They also built temples and cities. And the list goes on about Mesopotamian culture. I think it’s very interesting, and you should find some time to study it, too.

Homeschool RPC Week 2

Since I did homeschool last Saturday, I was supposed to post on what I did for Week 2 on Thursday. I’ll post it now, but quickly since I have to get back to work. 


Continued reading the  The Railway Children. I wrote an essay when I finished the book:


Started the first World Tour in the class. We first stopped at Mesopotamia, then Asia Minor, then Greece, and finally Ancient Africa. I also had to write an essay for history (last picture, I promise.):


Did some Problem sets, and also reviewed addition word problems, addition with missing numbers, and addition word problems with missing numbers (Math). Then, I studied about Natural Gases and oil, some types of drilling and drills, and learned a little more about how natural gases and oil are extracted. Have a nice day, everyone!

Homeschool RPC Mathematics and Science06 Week 1

This week for Mathematics, I…

  1. Reviewed Even and odd numbers and basic addition
  2. Reviewed Place Value and Addition Tables
  3. Reviewed Naming Numbers

This week for Science I mostly review the Rock Cycle and went on these few websites:





And made a map (or two) of Europe, and my house.

And as well described the rock cycle and types of rocks:

That’s all I did for this week! Have a nice Saturday, everyone!

Homeschool RPC English06 Week 1

So, during the week in English, for the most part, we had to read The Railway Children. For two of these 5 days, I wrote two essays, one about The Railway Children, the other about my family. 

The other one was in cursive, so I’ll just write it here. 

My family consists of 9 people. My mother and my father. I have 6 other siblings (Oldest to youngest), Evan, Me, Kaylie, Nathan, Michael, Daniel, and Ainsley. Evan was born in 2002. I was born 2005. Kaylie was born 2006, Nathan was born in 2009, Michael was born in 2011, Daniel was born in 2013, and Ainsley was born in 2016. We used to have two dogs, named Chole and Reagan. We adopted Chole on February 16, 2009, but put her in an animal shelter. Then, we adopted Reagan  in November 2014. We got rid of him in 2015. Anyway, my family is caring, and happy. I love them all so much.

(please keep in mind this essay was extremely modified and cut out because some exact birthdays and names are in there. Sorry :(! )

Anyway, that’s all I did for writing in English! Have a nice day!

Homeschool RPC History Week 1 


Today for History06 I wrote an essay:

Working on the great tower was already hard enough, but when God confused our languages, it made it even harder. I couldn’t speak to anyone properly, because they didn’t understand me. Then, I found a group of people who spoke and understood my language. I asked them about the situation, they said the had no clue what going on. This seemed to be the case with every other group of people. Me and they people whom spoke my words decided to group, and for some odd reason, I was chosen as leader. It seemed that the leader of the groups parted everyone who spoke his language followed him. The people in my group stared talking about we here to settle down. 2 of the groups started parting ways. One group stayed and hissed at us. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but they seemed angry. So, I left. My group followed me. I wanted to settle near the north, but I saw another group gone up. So, I’m wasn’t going north. I went east, and I saw no groups there. We were in “Asia”. We settled down in “Asia.”

And for the rest of History Week 1, I did worksheets. That’s it for History this week.