Homeschool RPC English06 Week 1

So, during the week in English, for the most part, we had to read The Railway Children. For two of these 5 days, I wrote two essays, one about The Railway Children, the other about my family. 

The other one was in cursive, so I’ll just write it here. 

My family consists of 9 people. My mother and my father. I have 6 other siblings (Oldest to youngest), Evan, Me, Kaylie, Nathan, Michael, Daniel, and Ainsley. Evan was born in 2002. I was born 2005. Kaylie was born 2006, Nathan was born in 2009, Michael was born in 2011, Daniel was born in 2013, and Ainsley was born in 2016. We used to have two dogs, named Chole and Reagan. We adopted Chole on February 16, 2009, but put her in an animal shelter. Then, we adopted Reagan  in November 2014. We got rid of him in 2015. Anyway, my family is caring, and happy. I love them all so much.

(please keep in mind this essay was extremely modified and cut out because some exact birthdays and names are in there. Sorry :(! )

Anyway, that’s all I did for writing in English! Have a nice day!


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