Homeschool RPC History Week 1 


Today for History06 I wrote an essay:

Working on the great tower was already hard enough, but when God confused our languages, it made it even harder. I couldn’t speak to anyone properly, because they didn’t understand me. Then, I found a group of people who spoke and understood my language. I asked them about the situation, they said the had no clue what going on. This seemed to be the case with every other group of people. Me and they people whom spoke my words decided to group, and for some odd reason, I was chosen as leader. It seemed that the leader of the groups parted everyone who spoke his language followed him. The people in my group stared talking about we here to settle down. 2 of the groups started parting ways. One group stayed and hissed at us. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but they seemed angry. So, I left. My group followed me. I wanted to settle near the north, but I saw another group gone up. So, I’m wasn’t going north. I went east, and I saw no groups there. We were in “Asia”. We settled down in “Asia.”

And for the rest of History Week 1, I did worksheets. That’s it for History this week.


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