RPC Homeschool Week 6


For English I wrote about Egypt:




For History, I wrote about more Egypt:

I think life and death was so important to Ancient Egyptians because:

Well, for pharaohs, Egyptians saw them as gods, so I think that they wanted the pharaoh’s spirit to keep maintaining in the afterlife, basically, making the pharaohs have a good after life. For people below pharaohs (citizens), I think it’s the same exact reason for pharaohs. The family members of that person would want them to have a good after life. Like I said before, I think Egyptians were obsessed over afterlives for pharaohs, again, because they saw them as gods.  For normal people, the wanted them to have a decent afterlife, so that’s why they gave civilians treatment for a good afterlife. They would usually bury chairs, food, gold, and treasure with tombs, so that the person inside the tomb could have an afterlife of goodness. The Egyptians put anything in the burial that would help that person live a good afterlife.



For math, I did a math exam.



For Science, I started Plant Science.


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