Joshua (Week 9 History Essay)

After Moses’ death, Joshua was assumed leadership by God. He led the Israelites from there on. God commands Joshua to be strong and courageous when leading. He is then commanded to lead the people across the Jordan River and go into the Promised Land. However, the Jordan River was in flood for barley harvesting season, which is near (or in) April. So, the priests carry the ark on their shoulders, and then step foot into the river. Amazingly, the up-stream waters piled up, and they were able to cross dry land. Then, their mission was to conquer the city of Jericho.

God told Joshua to march the priests around the city, once a day for 6 days. Then on the seventh day, they marched around 7 times, and then blew their trumpets. All the walls of Jericho fell and the entire population was killed. All except a woman and her family. See, Joshua had sent out 2 spies in order to get reports on how strong Jericho was. It was getting late, and the gates to Jericho were closing. So, that woman kept the two spies in her house safely until dawn was present. She pleaded with the spies to save her life and her family’s for that act of kindness given to them. So, when Jericho was destroyed, all was destroyed except her and her family. But anyways.

They have officially conquered Jericho, and the Israelites raided the towns remains. They collected silver and gold, and they were all going to sacrifice it to God. Next was their conquering of the city of Ai. After scouting out the area, 3000 men go to conquer Ai. However, they fail. It has then been revealed that somebody has sinned in regards of Jericho. It is then found out that a man name Achan didn’t sacrifice his gold and silver for God, and he was sentenced to death by stoning. After Achan died, 30,00 men were sent by Joshua to conquer Ai, and they succeeded.

They afterwards hung Ai’s king. Different tribes start fearing Israel, and the Gibeonites trick Joshua into signing a peace treaty. Then, all 5 Amorite kings band together to attack Joshua and the Israelites. The Amorites fall to the Israelites, and the Amorites retreat. But, God makes the sun stand still, and hailstones fall on the retreating Amorites. Then, at 110 years old, Joshua died. He led the people for 25 years, and was buried at his own land.


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