What Job will I have? (Week 4 of Grammar Essay)

Ah, the question. The question of “What would you like to be when you’re older?”. It’s probably been asked thousands of times. I have dreams. Some of them might seem crazy. Some might be normal for your average 6th grader. But, my dream job could be four things.

First job I would like to have is an author. Now, I’ve always been infatuated with writing. It’s always a great way to express your creativity, so who wouldn’t love it?  There is not much you need to take on this job. You’ll just need good grammar, ideas in the back of your head, and a publishing company who is willing to publish your book.

Second job I would like to have would be a professional artist. I’m basically obsessed with drawing. I draw on my desk calendar. I draw on my notepad. If I can draw anywhere, I’ll draw on it. My passion is drawing. I do it everyday. You’ll just need special training, and being taught on how to draw.

Third job I would like to have is an animator. Like drawing, I love to animate. I usually animate on my 3DS with an application called Flipnote Studio 3D. I used to animate on my old DSI with the same application, except without the 3D, and I’ve worked my way up from there. It just takes experience.

The last job I’d like to have is a Youtuber. Asking the “What do you want to be when you’re older?” question, how many children are going to respond with “I wanna be a Youtuber!”? Second to none, mostly. But that’s what I wanna be. Youtube is a video sharing platform, which you can post whatever videos you want, at whatever pace you want. It barely requires any skill for you to become one. However, being a SUCCESSFUL Youtuber, (i.e. Pewdiepie) means you’re gonna have to upload quickly, probably post out gaming videos, etc. You can advertise your videos, and put advertisement on your videos to make money. So that means, the more people watch your videos, the more money you get.

So, those are my dream jobs.


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