David (Week 10 History Essay)

David was the second king of Israel. His life starts as the youngest child to Jesse. As such, he would usually stay home. However, one day David was sent to his older brothers, possible to bring them food or to check up on them for their father. King Saul, the first king of Israel, sent out his army many times to fight against the Philistines. While at the camp, David hears a giant Philistine issuing an ultimatum and offers to fight him. David chooses a sling and five stones to defeat the Philistine, and succeeds with his weapon and faith in God. The Israelites win a great victory when David defeats Goliath. So, as the relationship of David and Saul, David was a musician for Saul whenever a distressing spirit comes. But after David killed Goliath, Saul became jealous of David, and even attacks David in his palace.  Jonathan was David’s friend, and Saul’s son. David tells Jonathan that he needs to flee. Jonathan is skeptical, but helps David and his efforts to escape.

David was hunted down multiple times by Saul, but when he wasn’t he would help outlying Israelites in their battle against the Canaanites. As God’s anointed king, David realizes that he can do nothing to harm Saul, so he waits until the end of Saul’s reign to assume kingship. He spends this time observing Saul’s behavior and leadership, and works on how David can improve upon it instead of being like Saul. There were fights and feuds between Saul and David. However, Saul started losing the people’s support, and was eventually killed in battle against the Philistines. David then waits for God’s timing.

After Saul was killed, Samuel presents David to the people as God’s chosen king. Despite that, many of the people prefer that one of Saul’s sons be king. This view was apparently very popular with the people, and a short civil war which lasted for two years began. One it was over, the kingdom was united under David, and there David’s reign as king of Israel began.

David reigned for 7 years in Hebron, until he moved his capital to Jerusalem. However, Jerusalem had to be taken from the Canaanites first. Once that was accomplished, it was alternately named “The city of David”, and is still known by that name today. David built a magnificent palace for himself in Jerusalem, but he realized that The Ark of Covenant needed a better location, so he attempted to move it from Jerusalem. However, in order to properly move it, it needed to be on the shoulders of the priests, but David instead tried to move it via cart. One of his men, Uzzah, dies from touching the Ark, all because the protocol wasn’t followed correctly. So, they store the Ark a local house for 3 months. This time when they moved it, they followed the protocol correctly, and moved it to Jerusalem without flaw.

David then wants to build a temple for God, however, God tells David that he is not the one to build the temple, for he is a man of war, and has blood on his hands from all the battles he’s been in. God tells David that his son, Solomon, is to build the temple. David was an excellent king, but like us, he made mistakes too. Once he saw a woman that he thought was beautiful, but she was already married. Her name was Bathsheba, and David commanded her to come in his presence. He committed adultery with her, and to top it all off, he killed her husband who was out in war to marry her. Nathan the profit was sent out by God to accuse David of his sin, and when David heard the accusation, he immediately repented of his sin. Even though he repented, there were consequences for his sin. For instance, the child that Bathsheba was going to have with David died after childbirth.

After David’s reign ended, his son Solomon became king of Israel.


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