The Cat of Bubastes Summary (English Essay)

The Cat of Bubastes is a book that’s mainly about ancient Egypt, but the story starts in Rebu. The citizens of Rebu expect an attack from the Egyptian king. The king of Rebu prepares his army for the attack, and as they expect, the Egyptians start their attack. The Egyptian were well-trained, and they use a swamp to their advantage, and end up defeating the Rebu army. The king is then killed and the capitol city is besieged.

There are two new characters; Amuba and Jethro. Amuba was the prince of Rebu. Once the king was killed, and the city was taken, Amuba and Jethro were taken by Thutmose III, and sent to Egypt, as well as the Rebu soliders. The high priest of Osiris had to decide of the 2 best captives as his servants. Of course, he chose Amuba and Jethro. The high priests name was Ameres, and he was shown to be a kind master. Amuba and Jethro are given to the son and daughter of the high priest as attendants. The son was named Chebron, and almost immediately becomes friends with Amuba. Amuba and Jethro actually find their job pleasing and enjoyable, rather than slavery.

However, the book eventually turns to the problems of Egypt’s gods in chapter 4. Significant portions of the book are devoted to which god is true. There are actually animals that are sacred to those gods, and those animals represent them.

The high priest then visits the Nile river (towards the north) and goes there to visit temples and learn about the irrigation. He brings along Amuba, Jethro, and Chebron, so that Chebron can learn the ways of fishing and hunting. The group is very excited about the trip, and enjoy it. They learn about fishing, deer hunting, and even hippo hunting.

However, a new character was introduced. Her name was Ruth, and she is a Israelite girl. She almost got eaten by a crocodile, but she is saved by the group. She was living with her great-grandfather, but since he died, Chebron offers Ruth to be an attendant to Mysa, his sister.

The boys return home, and their lives continue as normal. However, things start to change when the overhear a dangerous plot at the temple of Osiris. The boys are now pressured to escape the temple without being caught. The next day, Chebron’s brother Neco is found dead. They tell Ameres what they heard and suspiction that Ptylus is involved.

As the book goes on, things start looking great for the characters. But, one day, their house was destroyed. The death of a cat caused it, but it wasn’t any cat, it was the cat of Bubastes.

I think that many other houses will be destroyed in the death of the cat, as well as things looking bad for all of our characters.


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