Greek Art Forms (Week 15 History Essay)

There were a few art forms in Ancient Greece, and many have depicted their culture.

The first art form was Pottery, a practice that was pretty self-explanatory. The Greeks created pots that look like modern-day vases.They often made reliefs (a carving that would make the design stand out from the rest of the piece) in their pots, and if not, there were “vase paintings”. “Vase paintings” is the term we refer to when there were paintings on their pots. The paintings were often either red figures on a black background, or black figures on a red background. These paintings often depicted Greek Gods or famous Greek heroes

The next form was sculpture. Again, a pretty self-explanatory one. As of most sculptures, they were often made of clay. An example of their sculptures can be found here. (Some more if your interested: 1 2 3)

The final form (that I’m covering) is architecture. This isn’t really an art form, but I still felt like covering it. The Greek houses were made of mudstone and/or brick, and were mostly designed for hot weather. However, there was a porch attached to the houses, so when winter came by, they could just be on the porch, and receive heat from the sun. Now, Greek temples, bathhouses, theaters, and auditoriums were made of marble or limestone, which is much more valuable material than bricks or mudstone. The Greeks cared much about these structures more than their houses, so they built them with higher value material.


2 thoughts on “Greek Art Forms (Week 15 History Essay)

  1. One could argue that architecture is an art form as well. Some architecture is quite artistic in styling. Even in nearer times, like the Victorian period, houses would feature decorative column designs and beautiful dental work or carvings in the walls over the entry way or on the gables. I totally think you’re justified in including it.

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