France Culture (English Essay)

There are a lot of interesting aspects when it comes to French culture. Today, I’ll be discussing France and it’s culture.

First, we’ll be discussing the aspects of the people in France. The French take pride in their country and government, making them easily offended to insults towards the country and/or government. This may lead to foreigners interpreting their attitudes as rude.

France’s main language is… well, French! However, only about 3% of the population in France speaks German as well. And since France is somewhat bordered by Italy, a small amount of the French have Italian as a second language.

A large amount of people in France are Catholic. However, 7.5% are Muslim, and about 310,000 people are Jewish.

The French usually dress sophisticated and fashionable style. Most outfits include dresses, suits, long coats, scarves and berets.




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