Advertisement (English Essay)

Hey, you! Yes, you! Would you like to have a service that will enrich your life?

“um…. no…”

Well too bad! Introducing the

Unoriginal Life Changing Service!

This service will enrich your life in so many ways, you won’t be able to thank us that many times!

It provides insurance, free vacations, free money, and much, MUCH more!

All for the low, LOW price of $299.99!


If you call the number on your screen in the next 15 minutes, you will get 1 month free! And once that month expires, you get 15% off!



(P.S. Sorry if this seemed repetitive,  this was the assignment for this week)


The Persian Wars (Week 19 Review)

The Persian wars were a series of wars that involved the Greeks and the Persians.

The war first started out with the Greeks in Ionia (a part of modern-day Turkey) being unhappy with the governor of Persia, and they rebelled against them. The two Greek cities of Athens and Eretria promised to help them with the rebellion, and with that, the rebels captured and burned the city of Sardis. King Darius was enraged and vowed revenge. Continue reading

Advertisement (English Essay) (Don’t take this essay seriously please)

(So I had no ideas on making a serious advertisement for this essay so here ya go)

Are you tired of always having to clean your house with a paper towel? Have you slowly been losing money because you have to buy them constantly?
Well, fear no more!



The easy, super cleaning, and inexpensive towel you absolutely need! It is made of 100% cotton and has all of the latest soaking technology you’ll need to clean up any mess, spill, or even stain!

It will soak up any liquid!
Water, milk, juices, sewage, and even lava!

It will always soak up anything, 100% of the time! It will never run out of space, and it will never turn soggy!  It is an incredible invention, and you need to pick one up– Today!

To get your Shamhow today, call

Again, that’s

Get yours today!


(Please, don’t take this essay seriously. This is just a little joke.)

Around the World (English Essay)

Disclaimer: This may not make sense to you if you are reading this casually. Before reading this post, please read Around the World in 80 Days first. Click me to get started.

This week, I will write about where I would go if I went around the world. I will be using slightly different locations that Phineas Fogg did.

First, I would start off in Boston, and then take a plane to Paris. Once off the plane, I would spend a few hours in Paris, but then head off on my way towards Italy. I would take a boat to Italy, and stop off at Rome (Italy’s Capital city). After taking a few hours there (at this time I imagine it would be night), I would stay there for the night. Once it is morning, I would go off on my journey to Tokyo, Japan.

I’d imagine it would be 12 hours or maybe a day. Once at Tokyo, I would spend many hours looking around and observing. I’d rest at Tokyo, and then make me way off again. I would then take a boat to California, which I imagine would take 8-9 hours. Once there, I would take a plane back to Boston, and my journey would be done.

Overall, I think it would take about 2 months to complete my journey, because if we are talking realistically, it would probably take longer than then times I put up.

Anyway, that’s it!

— —————– ——————- ——————-

Hello! I just wanted to make quick notes about this essay…

This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had with an essay! It was really fun thinking of all the places That I would visit. Anyway, happy Friday 😛

See ya!

Wind (Weather Science Essay)

Wind is moving air (a.k.a. Air motion). It can be caused by three different sources:

Pressure Gradient Force

An effect where high pressure areas force air to lower pressure areas.

Coriolis Effect

An effect where the Earth’s rotation causes the air to turn.


The Earth’s friction causes the flow of the wind to slow down.

Winds in lower pressure areas are usually cold and rise, and the moisture from this eventually forms into clouds. Winds in higher pressure areas however, they are usually warm and sink, and fits it to the category that many people would consider good weather.