Greek Philosopher, Mathematician, and Scientist (Week 17 History Essay)

Today, I will be talking about 3 famous people from ancient Greece, and why are they famous. One a philosopher, another a scientist, and the final a mathematician.

Plato was an Ancient Greek philosopher. He was born in Athens, and claimed to be descended from one of the kings in Athens. He would often have his family members as characters in his writings, since they meant so much to him. He was well-educated, and later became a devoted follower of Socrates, another Greek philosopher. Like Socrates, Plato was a teacher. However, Plato had a school to teach in, called the “Academy”, while Socrates did not. Plato wrote up to 36 dialogues and 13 letters.

But, Plato based his teaching and writing on his concept of “Forms”. His mindset was: ‘There is one perfect object, and everything else of it were imitations.’ May not make sense, but let me put it another way. There is only one perfect dog. A dog that is so perfect, it cannot be re-created. All other existing dogs are just attempts of re-creating that perfect dog.

Archimedes was a famous Greek mathematician and scientist. He had plenty of impressive achievements, to where even today, no studies of math or science would be complete without him. He was born in Syracuse and lived there for most of his life.

He was so smart that he eased through any problem put in front of him. Problems like how much sand would be needed to fill up the universe was easy to him. Aside from that, he also had many inventions, such as the water screw, and he also invented many impressive war machines. For math, he also invented exponents.

Finally, Hypatia was first famous female mathematician. She was trained by her father, and was raised as a beautiful and strong woman. She became a university professor, and wrote books on math. She was admired for her expertise, however, the bishop of Alexandria was jealous of her, and had a mob organized to kill her.



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