Around the World (English Essay)

Disclaimer: This may not make sense to you if you are reading this casually. Before reading this post, please read Around the World in 80 Days first. Click me to get started.

This week, I will write about where I would go if I went around the world. I will be using slightly different locations that Phineas Fogg did.

First, I would start off in Boston, and then take a plane to Paris. Once off the plane, I would spend a few hours in Paris, but then head off on my way towards Italy. I would take a boat to Italy, and stop off at Rome (Italy’s Capital city). After taking a few hours there (at this time I imagine it would be night), I would stay there for the night. Once it is morning, I would go off on my journey to Tokyo, Japan.

I’d imagine it would be 12 hours or maybe a day. Once at Tokyo, I would spend many hours looking around and observing. I’d rest at Tokyo, and then make me way off again. I would then take a boat to California, which I imagine would take 8-9 hours. Once there, I would take a plane back to Boston, and my journey would be done.

Overall, I think it would take about 2 months to complete my journey, because if we are talking realistically, it would probably take longer than then times I put up.

Anyway, that’s it!

— —————– ——————- ——————-

Hello! I just wanted to make quick notes about this essay…

This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had with an essay! It was really fun thinking of all the places That I would visit. Anyway, happy Friday πŸ˜›

See ya!


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