Greek Mythology and how it’s Based on Their World View (English Essay)

The Greeks mythology was inspired by their worldview. From their myths, it seems like they were all fantasy, and they used them to describe things they didn’t understand. They would also seem to form their myths off their religion. They created creatures and idols in their myths that were sapped from their religion.

The tales of Hercules is a great example on how their religion was a strong influence of mythology. He is practically almost a god, being able to perform tasks nobody else could. This was how the Greeks envisioned their gods.


Rome’s Military (Week 24 History Essay)

Today I will talk about Rome’s military.

Rome participated in many battles and fights, as so, they needed to have a suitable military. Rome had the most intimidating army system the ancient world had ever seen. Continue reading

Roman Religion (Week 23 History Essay)

Today I will talk about Rome’s religion.

Rome’s religion was very different from a religion as Christianity or such. Roman religion was never really focusing on main topics like a creation story or mythology. Instead, they mostly copied from the Greeks and their religion.

Instead of being focused on creation stories or such, the focused on current times and worship. Romans went by this saying: “du ut des” which was basically not only a saying but their philosophy as well. It meant “I give what you may give”, which basically means in order to receive a blessing, they would have to first worship the god they tried to receive a blessing from, make sacrifices, give offerings, etc. to receive the blessing they want.

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Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you Joona, Samuel, and Vera for nominating me.

The rules for this award are:

  • Thank the person/people who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
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~Joona’s Questions~

How old are you? As old as space itself.

What is your dream job? If I had to pick, maybe an author.

Have you ever been in a car crash? No I have not.

Have you ever been on a plane? Nope.

Have you ever been in a helicopter? Nope.

What is the most terrifying experience you have had? Define “terrifying”.

Would you rather be invincible or invisible? Invincible.

Would you rather be really strong or really smart and why? Really smart. If I were really smart, I’d be able to logically think things through, rather than punching them.

Have you ever wanted to fly like a bird? Yes.

What is your dream vehicle? A teleporter.

Would you rather be in the Navy or the Army? Navy. 100% Navy.

~Sam’s Questions~

1-What is your favorite winter sport? I don’t like winter.

2-If you had unlimited air miles what five places would you visit? Paris, Tokyo, Florida, L.A., and Rome.

3-What is your favorite football team? I don’t watch football.

4-What is your favorite type of drink? Milk.

5-What is your favorite hymn? Atheist.

6- What is your favorite vegetable? Corn or Carrots, can’t pick between the two.

7-What is your favorite book? My Name is America: The Journal of Wong Ming-Chung: A Chinese Miner, California, 1852

8-Why are looking at my blog? Because I like you, you seem cool.

9-Would you like to climb Mt. Everest? Yeah.

10-If you could be invisible what would you want to see? I would want to see my siblings freak out at the sight of a door flinging open all by itself.

11-This is the end, how old are you? 76.

~Vera’s Questions~

  1. Have you seen the blood moon? If you have, how many times? Yes, only once.
  2. If the was a sun eclipse, what will you do? Act like it was a normal day.
  3. Have you ever visited the space center in Houston? Nope.
  4. Do you like traveling? Depends.
  5. What kind of transportation do you like using? Car.
  6. Your age? I am !-+-_=-.
  7. If you had a chance to be the president, will you go for it? Why? Nah, not what I want to do.
  8. What will you be when you grow up? Author maybe.
  9. Do you have a pet? No.
  10. What is your favorite animal? Robins.
  11. What country are you from? America.


Now here are my questions!

  1. What’s your favorite color?
  2. What disgusts you the most?
  3. Would you rather live without your favorite food for 10 years or get to eat your favorite food, but only one a month?
  4. What is the dream you want to accomplish the most?
  5. Have you accomplished anything you would consider major?
  6. Who is your favorite author?
  7. Do you watch TV? And if so, what’s your favorite show?
  8. Which one do you prefer, Dark, Milk, or White chocolate?
  9. Which annoys you the most– Your siblings or a blog post you worked real hard on, only to have your browser crash?
  10. Favorite time of day?
  11. Favorite season?

I nominate:


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