How meteorologists forecast weather (Weather Science Essay)

There are a few methods that meteorologists use in order to forecast the weather.

The first method we learned about was the Persistence Method. The persistence method is a way of predicting the weather, basically predicting tomorrow’s weather off of today’s. So, if it were sunny outside (which it isn’t where I live at the time of this essay) and it was 45 degrees, then I could say it would be the tomorrow. As simple as this method is, sometimes it comes off as a very unuseful method. It would be very useful in the summer somewhere south like Florida or South California, but it wouldn’t if it were mid-spring winter, or fall. Since weather patterns change so often, this method would be very useless in many situations.

The next method is Numerical Weather Predictions. This method uses complex computer programs to predict the weather based on temperature, pressure, wind, and rainfall. Since it relies on computer models, the atmosphere models are not accurate some of the time. This leads to errors in the prediction. Despite that, it is a very easy-to-use method.

Those were two of the few methods we learned about this week.


Weather Forecasting Methods

Numerical Weather Predictions


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