The Railway Children Rough Draft

The Railway Children
By E. Nesbit

The Railway Children is a book about 3 children and their trip on a railway.

The story starts off with the main characters, Roberta, Peter, and Phyllis in their house with their mother. Peter’s tenth birthday comes along, and he gets a toy train for it. However, three days later the train breaks, and some time passes after that, Peter gets a cold. He recovers from it, and when he does, his father comes home. It may be important to note that they never get to see their father that much, so this happens to be a special occasion.

Peter tells his father about the broken engine, and Peter’s father says that there may be hope for it. After a few minutes of discussion, someone knocks at the door. The father goes to talk to them, however, he later gets taken away by them. The mother was very concerned and worried, but the children are given from little to no input on what’s going on. They had a house maid, named¬†Ruth, and the mother tells Ruth to put the kids to bed early.

The next morning, all three children went downstairs for breakfast, but only Ruth was there. It turned out that their mother went down towards London. The children are sent off to school, and they come home only to learn that their mother has not returned. She only came home at nearly seven o’ clock, looking so tired. The children had to help her with undressing from her walking clothes; Phyllis took the long pins out of her hat, while Roberta took off her gloves, and Peter unfastened her walking shoes and fetched her soft slippers for her. They made a promise to her that they would not fight, but help her.

Later, they have to move into a cheaper house, and an old railway is behind it. However, when the children were looking at the tracks, they notice a train coming up, and they have to stop it before it crashes into some trees that fell down on the tracks. Phyllis and Roberta panic a bit before Roberta comes to the realization that they are wearing red, and they could use it to stop the train.  So, all of them take off their red coats, and tie them to sticks, and start waving them around like a flag. They successfully get the train to stop, and they are celebrated for that.

And finally, after a long wait, their father finally comes home.


This is a rough draft, any advice would be appreciated! ^-^


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