Rome’s Military (Week 24 History Essay)

Today I will talk about Rome’s military.

Rome participated in many battles and fights, as so, they needed to have a suitable military. Rome had the most intimidating army system the ancient world had ever seen.

When a war occurred, all land citizens reported to the Field of Mars. Then different divisions would be created in order create their army for the war. Wars only lasted for a few days, however, if it was longer, soldiers would be paid.

The Roman Military was known for its legions, and there were about 4 of them. Each legion contained 4200 soldiers, and they were organized by experience.

Commander Marius reorganized some of Rome’s military in 100 BC. All citizens could join the army, meaning not just landowners were in the military. Marius raised the wage of the soldiers and created a group of soldiers that would full-time. He did not discriminate against poor citizens.

The Legions were updated, and then they house 5000 men opposed to 4200. It seems like a small change, but it did help improve Rome’s army. These 5000 men were under control of the legatus.

There were different categories of soldiers, depending on experience (remember when I mentioned this?), and one category of soldiers were usually slaves and immigrants. If they didn’t have one, they could earn Rome citizenship from military services.

Being a soldier in Rome was not easy. There were many responsibilities put on soldiers like:

  • Extremely hard training exercises
  • Harsh discipline
  • They had to buy their own gear and carry it with them
  • Camps were made to be identical which required lots of work

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