Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was a dictator of Rome.

In 59 BC, Julius became Consul of Rome. However, two former consuls, Pompey and Crassus became the consuls again.

However, a group of people called the Triumvirate (tri•um•vi•rate- noun A group of three (people, groups) whom strive together to achieve a goal.), which Pompey and Crassus were in, did not last long.

Crassus was killed in battle in Syria and Pompey was given a command in Spain, far away from Rome. Julius also happened to be called in from the Gaul to take part in politics. He later became dictator.

Julius marched to Rome with his army (when the Gaul called him, he had to leave his army behind, but he refused.) and fought against Pompey’s army. Julius was victorious, and Pompey was killed.

In 47 BC, Julius became dictator of Rome, and decided to make his position permanent in 44 BC.

Julius made many changes to Rome, such as:

  • Relieving hardships and debts of citizens
  • North Africa, Gaul, and Spain became Roman colonies
  • Replacing the Roman calender with the Julian calender
  • Began construction on many public works projects

Unfortunately for Julius, he was despised by the Senate. He was murdered by his two friends who thought he was abusing his power.


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