Roman Church Fathers

As Christianity began to spread within the Roman Empire, many church fathers rose and helped Christianity spread. This essay is going to tell you about a few, and summarize their lives.

Ignatius was one of the first church fathers. He was converted to Christianity at a young age, and was later studying under the apostle John. He was the bishop of Antioch, and helped within the church growth. However, Romans later captured him, and Ignatius was killed by wild beasts.

Another church father was Polycarp. He was a student of John and was the bishop of Smyrna. He wrote a lot, and many of his works are considered to be the oldest (yet, surviving) pieces of writing for Christianity. Despite that, the Romans finally caught him when he was 86 years old. Unlike other church fathers, he was given the chance to be set free for the price of recanting his faith. He didn’t, but before being killed, he spent an hour praying. After that, he was stabbed to death.

Jerome was another church father, and he was born in 347 in Stridon. He eventually moved to Rome, which he studied there. He was very skeptical of Christianity, but he was later converted. He journeyed to Asia Minor, but during that journey, he fell ill. He then had a vision which caused him to spend his entire life studying. Jerome contributed to the church, but his one major contribution to the church was his translation of the Bible into Latin, called ‘The Vulgate.’

Those are all the church father this essay will cover.



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