English Mini-Essay Compilation Week 2

(This essay is a collection of smaller essays, combined into one.)

Describe your best friend and what you enjoy doing together.

My best friend is my sister! She’s kind and caring, and I will admit, sometimes annoying. Some of the things I like doing with her is drawing! We draw together sometimes, even making a few comics with each other. We also like to play video games together, such as Animal Crossing, Call of Duty, etc.

What is your house like?

The exterior of my house is white. Around it is a front yard and back yard. My house is two stories long, but it is a pretty cozy place. In the first story contains my house’s living room, siblings/parents bedrooms, and the kitchen. There’s not much in the second story however, but it does have 2 bedrooms, and I sleep in one.

Describe yourself.

How I would describe myself? Well… I have blonde hair and blue eyes, from my mother’s side of the family. I have to wear glasses, due to me being short sighted.

I enjoy making horrible jokes and attempting to make people laugh.

What is your favorite sport or game?

My favorite game… well, I’ve been asked the question before, but I never have been able to give an definitive answer. I blame it on the sudden influx of memories of games I’ve played when the question is asked. I can tell you that my favorite game franchise is Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem is a strategy series, involving characters, weapons, and many maps and enemies to conquer. Each game in the series has a unique story, many of which I fall in love with.

Each Fire Emblem game has overall the same idea regarding gameplay. However, each game always adds something brand new to it, making each game feel somewhat refreshing, and removing any sort of staleness regarding the gameplay.

The new characters that each game introduces each have their own sort of uniqueness to them. They all have their own stories, their own battles, and their own lives which are really interesting to read into. There are bad characters here and there in the franchise, but most of them are really great and are enjoying to watch interact with others.

In Fire Emblem, the character you start off as is defined as the “Lord” of the game, but easier told as the main character of the game. As you go along, fight against enemies, and take back your country in some games, you will eventually recruit characters who have decided to join your cause. At the end of the game, you typically have a fairly large army.

Usually, the final boss of the game is the main antagonist. Most of the time, they are either possessed by a dragon or is a dragon, and the main character is usually the best person to take them down with.

Overall, I started playing this series a while ago, but I still love it to this day. If you haven’t heard of the series or want to play it, based off of personal experience alone, I highly recommend you play it.


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