Topic Essay 9

Topic: Is it better to care deeply about something or to remain emotionally detached?

As with most of my topic essays, I believe that it’s completely dependent on the object. However, to many people, it may seem better to remain emotionally detached to things. Humans, for example, all eventually die, and the grief of their department may be too overbearing for some. Therefore, some people think it’s better to remain unattached to those humans, to avoid that grief.

However, I believe that it is better to care deeply about something/someone. The thought of it eventually being gone is a difficult one, and when it comes, it may be depressing. Remaining detached, however, may affect your thoughts of the thing, potentially ruining the relationship or negatively changing your emotions towards said thing.

And so, I believe it’s better to care deeply. I believe you shouldn’t worry about the time when the object perishes. All you should do is care for the object, and don’t worry about the future.


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