Napoleon Bonaparte

The revolution was only getting worse as time went by. Hundreds of lives were taken, and the number of casualties were increasing as days went by. Something had to be done. Something that would satisfy them. Something that would make them stop. Napoleon Bonaparte knew. If no one were to do anything about it, then he shall.

Napoleon was a talented general at the time, for he studied military tactics in his younger years, enrolling in France’s military school when he was 15. He graduated said school, with the rank of second lieutenant in the artillery. After graduating, his family was forced to flee due to the growing French revolution.

The man had strong military prowess, and it didn’t go unnoticed. He received commendation for it, and was promoted to brigadier general. After his imprisonment after the Reign of Terror, and the Directory being established, he was promoted to General of the Army of the West, and soon after was given command of the French army in Italy.

These promotions were not in vain. Napoleon managed to string a slew of victories, making France more powerful. These victories also helped Napoleon stabilize the French military, and gain a popularity with the people of France.

The Directory, though, was never a popular government. Coming back to Paris after an Egyptian campaign, Napoleon started pressuring it to be replaced. The pressure of the military forced the Directory to be resigned. Afterwards, Napoleon was appointed for the First Consul of government.

Using this power, he went on to create a new constitution, and held a vote for the new Emperor of France. The support for Napoleon was overwhelming, all almost 99% in his favor. Napoleon became Emperor with this and no one opposing him, even being anointed by the pope.

Napoleon was constantly on the move as Emperor, no different from his time as a general. He brought new areas and alliances to France, making the French Empire larger and larger. Despite France now being the dominant power in Europe, it was on shaky footing.

This shaky footing eventually lead to the Senate to declare the empire as ended. Napoleon was forced to abdicate the throne and appoint Louis XVII as king. Afterwards, he was exiled to an island named Elba, and his wife and son fled to Vienna.

Despite what it seemed like accepting his exile, he wasn’t happy with it. He managed to convince his captors to set him free, and Napoleon returned to France. The citizens greeted him warmly, and he did succeed in taking back the throne. He set up the French military for another campaign, but it would prove to be his last.

He was defeated massively by the British, and then was exiled to another island, where he died there.


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