Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. He was born in 1809 in Kentucky, however he didn’t stay there for his childhood, unlike most others. His father lost in a legal dispute, making him lose most of his land, and forced the Lincoln’s to move to Indiana.

He spent majority of his childhood on a frontier in the non-slave area of Indiana, and moved to Illinois in 1830. He moved out of his father’s house when he was 21, and participated in many wrestling matches, and made himself known for his brawn. He also later became a partner in a small general store.

His education was mostly self-taught, and he taught himself about law in his 20’s, and He managed to win a seat as a state legislator in 1834. Due to a lot of his characteristics, he became a widely successful lawyer.

As time passed, Abe’s political career became more complex. He served one term in Congress in 1846, but then returned to Illinois to develop his law practice. Almost a decade later, he returned to politics and helped build up the Republican Party in his state.

On top of being into politics, Lincoln also gave many memorable and famous speeches, such as his speech in 1858 named “House Divided”. He was also a well-known supporter of the Union, and he realized that one of the sides in the slavery debate would top the other.

Then came along Lincoln running for Republican senator for Illinois. He was hoping he could replace Stephen Douglas, the democratic senator, but Douglas didn’t want to lose his position. Lincoln and Douglas participated in a debate, but Lincoln ended up losing. However, this actually exposed Lincoln, with his name becoming well known around the country.

Lincoln gained the republican nomination for president in 1860, after the book he wrote became massively popular. Lincoln won the election off of the North and West states, as most of the Southern states didn’t even cast him a ballot. Before his inauguration or official election, 7 Southern states seceded after no compromise could be reached on slavery. Though prior to his election, Lincoln stated he had no stance on slavery.

However, the Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter, and Lincoln then shifted the entirety of his attention on reuniting the nation. Lincoln then took away the rights of secessionist supporters, having any found along the border arrested without trial. He also cleaned up the Trent Affair, ultimately keeping Britain out of the Civil War.

Unlike every other president prior to Abe, he accepted the challenge that the Civil War created, and started studying on war strategy. Thanks to this, he became an excellent strategist, and ran the country more effectively.

The Emancipation Proclamation was Lincoln’s solid decision to abolish slavery. Freed slaves made their own regiments and supported the Union during the War.

The Gettysburg Address was a speech Lincoln gave, and ended up being one of his most famous despite it being fairly short. Coming after many politicians, it was a short speech lasting 3 minutes.

Lincoln started his second term on 1865, and was able to witness the end of the Civil War. But just days after the Civil War ended, Lincoln was shot in the head at Ford’s Theatre, by a man named John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate sympathizer.

With his tactics, strategy, and his role in the Civil War, Lincoln is revered as one of the greatest presidents to date.


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