Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States. He was born in 1858 in New York. When he was young, he was diagnosed with debilitating asthma, and his father encouraged him to overcoming it by rigorous exercise. Roosevelt acted on this, finding a boxing coach who helped strengthen him, and he kept an exercise routine for all of his life.

At age 7, Roosevelt found a dead seal in a marketplace, and after acquiring the seal’s head, he and his cousins formed the Roosevelt Museum of Natural History. He fell in love with zoology, and studied further into taxidermy.

Roosevelt was homeschooled by tutors and his parents for most of his childhood. However, when he was 18, he quit home-schooling and went to Harvard College. He graduated when he was 22, afterwards studying briefly at Columbia Law School, before his attention got caught on the public office.

Theodore got married to a woman named Alice Lee, but she passed away during the birth of their daughter, Alice Roosevelt. By pure coincidence, his mother also passed away on the same day. Roosevelt buried his grief with work, settling in South Dakota and becoming a rancher. But that was short lived, with his cattle being wiped out by the winter of 1886. With this, he was forced to move back to New York.

He then attempted to get into politics, as he got appointed into the Civil Service Association by Benjamin Harrison in 1889. In 1895, he was made president of the board of New York Police Commissioners, making several changes and setting new standards. He served as governor of New York State as well, and as assistant secretary of the Navy before going become Vice President.

He was assistant secretary of the Navy when USS Maine sunk in Havana. He was in high favor of war, and sent messages to US ships to prepare for battle against Spain. He organized groups to help fight this war as well, and this didn’t change the outcome of the war, but Roosevelt showed his bravery as their leader.

Due to his actions and how many positions he filled, he was now fairly popular, and was chosen by William McKinley to be his runmate in 1900. Kinley was re-elected, but was assassinated 6 months afterwards. This put Roosevelt as president, and the youngest person to become president to the time this essay was written, become president at 42.

As president, he served the rest of McKinley’s term, and one of his own. His domestic policies included adding more government agencies for food and drug industries, raising taxes for the rich, and breaking up monopolistic businesses throughout the country.

His foreign policy was a lot like his approach to the Spanish-American war. He attempted to use the Monroe Doctrine to force European countries to leave the Caribbean. He also assisted broker in a peace treaty between Russia and Japan, though this didn’t strengthen either of the countries, and it made the US look more like the world’s peacemaker.

As said before, Roosevelt only served one term of his own. So, he started grooming William Taft to be his successor, and it worked out, with Taft becoming the next president. After his presidency, Roosevelt took many trips Africa and the Amazon.

However, when the election of 1912 rolled around, and Roosevelt disagreed with Taft so heavily, he started a third party, having Democrat Woodrow Wilson get the victory.

On January 5, 1919, Roosevelt started suffering breathing problems, but was taken to doctor. After he felt better, he went to sleep. Around 4 AM, Roosevelt died in his sleep due to a blood clot traveling to his lungs. Theodore Roosevelt is remembered as one of the greatest presidents, and has his face carved onto Mount Rushmore alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln.


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