Topic Essay

Topic: Is homeschooling beneficial for students?

I believe that homeschooling is beneficial for students in many ways, and here’s why.

Homeschooling, no matter the curriculum chosen, presents a pace that fits to you. Usually, in public schools, pacing is based on every student. If a student(s) falls behind, curricular progression is halted, and only starts again when said student(s) catches up to the rest of the class. However, with homeschooling, you don’t need to wait for a student(s) to catch up to you to progress. If you get stuck, you don’t need to worry about holding up a class to catch up. It’s at your own pace, and you don’t need to worry about being inconvenienced/inconveniencing others.

As well, you can learn faster in homeschool. Public schooling requires a certain number of days learnt on a single topic, however in homeschool, you can go as fast as you need.

Another pro to homeschool, you don’t need to wake up early in the morning to get on a bus, and you don’t necessarily have homework to complete.


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