ABC (Academic Boot Camp) Lesson 30 Essay

My 70th birthday speech would be mostly acknowledge my life, and explaining how you can improve your life. It would probably go among the lines of:

“Now, listen. I know how old I am, and how young you are. You might have dreams you want to catch. Or you may want to get that perfect job. I may not have the best life, and you might not either. But it gets better, even if it seems like forever. Every wound will heal, and every wound will scar. And those scars shape you. Maybe you’ll find success, and maybe you won’t. Every person has a different life, and they will always find some degrees of success But as long as you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything.”

It basically mean that ‘It doesn’t matter how old you are. You might have dreams you want to achieve, and you might have a job you want to pursue. You may have some hard times in life, but those will shape you into you. You have a different life from everyone else, and you’ll find your goal accomplished, as long as you believe in yourself. Because, you, and only you, can make things better in your life.’

Maybe my speech will be different. Maybe my life will be impacted in a way that this speech changes. Maybe I’ll skip the speech. There are different futures for everyone. Just know, you can only change your life. You might even say your own speech. But no changing topic, that would be my speech for when I’m 70 years old.


Hello everyone! I decided to do late-night blogging! Well, I’m not really tired, so why not use my energy on homeschool? Anyway. This is my first ABC blog post, so I’ll be posting my essays for ABC here from now on! Welp, that’s it! Have a great night everyone!