Greek Mythology and how it’s Based on Their World View (English Essay)

The Greeks mythology was inspired by their worldview. From their myths, it seems like they were all fantasy, and they used them to describe things they didn’t understand. They would also seem to form their myths off their religion. They created creatures and idols in their myths that were sapped from their religion.

The tales of Hercules is a great example on how their religion was a strong influence of mythology. He is practically almost a god, being able to perform tasks nobody else could. This was how the Greeks envisioned their gods.

Roman Religion (Week 23 History Essay)

Today I will talk about Rome’s religion.

Rome’s religion was very different from a religion as Christianity or such. Roman religion was never really focusing on main topics like a creation story or mythology. Instead, they mostly copied from the Greeks and their religion.

Instead of being focused on creation stories or such, the focused on current times and worship. Romans went by this saying: “du ut des” which was basically not only a saying but their philosophy as well. It meant “I give what you may give”, which basically means in order to receive a blessing, they would have to first worship the god they tried to receive a blessing from, make sacrifices, give offerings, etc. to receive the blessing they want.

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The Peloponnesian Wars (Week 20 History Essay)

(This essay is a follow-up to this one, so I recommend you read that first. Thanks!)

The Peloponnesian Wars were a set of wars between Athens and Sparta.

After the Persians were defeated in 481, Athens and Sparta decided to call off their allegiance, Sparta leaving from it. Overtime, Sparta and Athens had many small conflicts that eventually built up so much tension to the point of a war breaking out between the two city-states. Continue reading “The Peloponnesian Wars (Week 20 History Essay)”

The Persian Wars (Week 19 Review)

The Persian wars were a series of wars that involved the Greeks and the Persians.

The war first started out with the Greeks in Ionia (a part of modern-day Turkey) being unhappy with the governor of Persia, and they rebelled against them. The two Greek cities of Athens and Eretria promised to help them with the rebellion, and with that, the rebels captured and burned the city of Sardis. King Darius was enraged and vowed revenge. Continue reading “The Persian Wars (Week 19 Review)”

Greek Philosopher, Mathematician, and Scientist (Week 17 History Essay)

Today, I will be talking about 3 famous people from ancient Greece, and why are they famous. One a philosopher, another a scientist, and the final a mathematician.

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