The Ten Plaques (History Essay)

Back when the Hebrews were being enslaved by the Egyptians, Moses and Aaron were approaching the Pharaoh. Moses and Aaron told the pharaoh about His existence, and showed the evidence for His existence. When they requested to free the Hebrews, the Pharaoh’s heart was hardened by God, and he flat-out refused. That is when God unleashed the first plaque.

The first plaque made the Nile River’s water turn into blood. Everything that was in the water died, it smelled terrible, and no one could drink it. The Pharaoh’s magicians were actually able to replicate this plaque, making water turn to blood. The Pharaoh refused again, and the Second plaque was released. The second plaque made frogs go everywhere. The Egyptian Magicians could also replicate this. The Pharaoh refused again, and the third plaque was released. This time, it was lice. The very dust of the area was turned to lice, infesting man and beast. The fourth plaque was flies. Flies were sent all around, however, this attack was only on the Egyptians. The Pharaoh, this time, tried to bargain with God, however, He refused.

The fifth plaque was the death of all cattle and livestock. This plaque UTTERLY¬†i’m so funny crippled transportation and slightly hit farming. The sixth plaque is boils and sores. This plaque was not announced before it hit the Egyptians. Moses blew ashes that spread all across Egypt, giving the Egyptians boils and sore. And since they were so concerned about health and cleaning, no one could stand among Pharaoh except Moses and Aaron. The seventh plaque was hailstone, which destroyed all crops except wheat (but that was destroyed in the next one tho). The eighth plaque was locusts, which destroyed all the wheat and remaining crops. The ninth plaque was darkness. The darkness spread over Egypt, and it was so thick you could feel it. The final tenth plaque was directed at the Pharaoh directly, and it kills all firstborn.

There are also multiple gods, Hapi, Heket, Geb, Khepri, Hathor, Isis, Nut, Set, and finally Ra. The plaques were an attack on each on of these gods, and they were attacked in that order.