Early England and King Arthur (I’m Back)

The country of England was originally home to the Britons. However, a tribe called the Angles invaded England and took ownership of it. This was after the decline of the Roman Empire.

They gained all power over England in the 5th century. But then, another tribe attacked for power over England, and they were called the Saxons. The Saxons were a German tribe, usually living upon the North Sea Coast, which is now know as Germany (source).

The invasions of the Saxons and the Angles costed the Britons 12 major battles. Geoffrey of Monmouth is often credited with the history behind these battles. However, he is also credited with another piece of English history, King Arthur.

Whether or not King Arthur was truly existent still remains a mystery to this day. Since many cultures also happen to have a King Arthur, it’s hard to pin-point what he was exactly. Geoffrey was the one to start the tales of the great English King Arthur.

Supposedly, King Arthur managed to single-handedly slay 960 Anglo-Saxons in the Battle of Badon Hill. Again, we have no real proof that this is true or false. But whichever, Geoffrey’s history was very popular at the time.

King Arthur was then remembered as a figure or ancient chivalry, but was still remembered as a model figure. He has no proof to his leadership, bravery, or chivalry, but he still remains a popular figure nonetheless.


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Jesus Christ

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Basic Description

Herod the Great was a king of Bethlehem. He plays a role in Jesus Christ’s story, for when He was young, Herod heard that there was a new ruler of Bethlehem. So, in anger, he demanded that all males under 2 were to be killed.


Herod was very strict and cruel and murdered anyone he suspected that would take his throne. This comes into play when he is told that there is a new ruler of Bethlehem.