Israel vs Judah (Week 12 History Essay)

So, there were two kingdoms in the Bible: Judah and Israel. But there were major differences between the two. First and foremost, Judah lasted longer than Israel. The only main reason why this happened is Judah’s kings were more faithful to God than Israel’s kings. Some of Judah’s kings tore down the idol worship (of course, there were also some who enforced it), while the Israelites continued to worship God.

Israel actually created their own religion and not one of them followed God’s command, while Judah was some what the opposite. There were more kings in Israel than Judah, which you can pin-point, obviously Judah’s kings reigned longer than Israel’s. Judah was conquered by the Babylons, while Israel was conquered by Assyria.


Judah’s Kings (Week 11 History Essay)

Judah’s reign of kings first started with Rehoboam, the son of Solomon. He originally ruled over the 12 tribes of Israel, but the Israelites decided to create their own kingdom, leaving Rehoboam with the king of Judah. He was succeeded by his son Abijah. Abijah tried to reunite¬† the kingdoms, but was unsuccessful in his attempt. Asa, Abijah’s son, was considered the first good king of Judah. He brought back the worship of God, and tore down the idols of Judah. Jehosaphat followed up from Asa and was another good king. His son, Jehoram decided to marry King Ahab from Israel’s daughter.

For deciding to marry a pagan, who was against the worship of God, this was a bad decision for Jehoram. And, she brought Continue reading