Slavery in America

Slavery was a popular theme throughout the United States’s history, many of the Founding Fathers being slave owners, and promoting the slave trade further. Overtime, treatment over the African-Americans got worse and more cruel. This didn’t go ignored, as the cause for abolishing slavery came around and spread in the 1800’s.

Before the abolition, slaves were treated very harshly, even harsher those who attempted to escape. Plantation owners influenced the Fugitive Slave Act, which made it so any escapee slave would return to his master if he were apprehended. The Compromise of 1850 made this act stronger.

Slavery continued, and the treatment of the slaves have been documented. The topic of slavery eventually became hot, inspiring many debates in the mid-1800’s. Slavery still legally continued, until it’s official abolishment in 1864 by the Thirteenth Amendment.


Topic Essay 10

Topic: Is most of what people buy totally unnecessary?

This question could be taken a variety of ways, depending on what the people in question are buying. Generally, I would say absolutely not. Most of what people buy are food items and water, and anyone would know those are essentials to just living.

However, again, this question could be taken a variety of ways. Assuming essentials are out of the question, then I’d just say yes. I believe products such as makeup, items relating to makeup (brushes, sponges, etc.), decorative items, magazines, and lottery tickets, commonly bought items, are ultimately unnecessary.

I think it would be better to use your money for beneficial things, like food, water, bills, etc. I don’t think spending money on the aforementioned and others would be absolutely necessary, and some you’d be best off not considering.

James Madison

James Madison was one of the Founding Fathers, and served as 4th president of the United States. He was born and raised in the colony of Virginia, and he also spent most of his adult life there as well.

He had 12 siblings, and happened to be the oldest one out of them all. However, most of his siblings died before they could even turn 8. He had fairly poor health throughout his life, standing at 5’4″ and only weighing 100 pounds, earning him the title of the smallest United States president in history. Continue reading

Napoleon Bonaparte

The revolution was only getting worse as time went by. Hundreds of lives were taken, and the number of casualties were increasing as days went by. Something had to be done. Something that would satisfy them. Something that would make them stop. Napoleon Bonaparte knew. If no one were to do anything about it, then he shall.

Napoleon was a talented general at the time, for he studied military tactics in his younger years, enrolling in France’s military school when he was 15. He graduated said school, with the rank of second lieutenant in the artillery. After graduating, his family was forced to flee due to the growing French revolution. Continue reading

Life of Butterflies

Butterflies are probably one of the most pretty insects. They’re small like most others, but what sets them apart from other insects is their colorful, symmetrical wings.

Butterflies start off as caterpillars, everyone knows. They emerge outside of their small, cylinder egg, and start eating the leaf their mother left them on. Not much really happens in their larva stage, all they do is eat, and eat, and eat. But this assists them later on.

Truthfully, they’re storing energy. As everyone knows, caterpillars eventually go under metamorphosis, but it takes a lot of energy to make that cocoon. So, while they’re young, they eat to make completely changing a little bit easier. Continue reading

Topic Essay 9

Topic: Is it better to care deeply about something or to remain emotionally detached?

As with most of my topic essays, I believe that it’s completely dependent on the object. However, to many people, it may seem better to remain emotionally detached to things. Humans, for example, all eventually die, and the grief of their department may be too overbearing for some. Therefore, some people think it’s better to remain unattached to those humans, to avoid that grief.

However, I believe that it is better to care deeply about something/someone. The thought of it eventually being gone is a difficult one, and when it comes, it may be depressing. Remaining detached, however, may affect your thoughts of the thing, potentially ruining the relationship or negatively changing your emotions towards said thing.

And so, I believe it’s better to care deeply. I believe you shouldn’t worry about the time when the object perishes. All you should do is care for the object, and don’t worry about the future.

Topic Essay 8

Topic: Does working with others lead to better results than acting as an individual?

I believe that in most cases, working with others leads to better results. Multiple people working could speed up the process of something needing to be done, and it could result in a better job being done.

However, this entirely depends on the people you’re working with, how much they get done, etc. It depends of the competence of your team. For this, many get frustrated working with their team, and usually end up doing what needs to be done completely or somewhat alone.

And it depends on the task as well. Some tasks are better performed alone, some are better performed working with others. The volume of the task can define this. Smaller tasks don’t need you working with others, while larger ones do.